Smart Software to Promote Task Management

Enterprise-level platforms like Lucidchart and Atlassian Jira allow you to map out complex, technical processes for large organizations.

Microsoft Word or Google Docs can be used to quickly list some external resources but isn’t designed intuitively for this purpose. If you need to quickly curate resources, across different teams and locations, you’ll get bogged down with transitions using these tools.

These tools are built for managing projects, not task-centric priorities like things to read or reference, taking notes, and doing research. This top-down approach to suit the organization, while building a complex library, is not suited for tactical work needed within teams.

Nothing quite allows you to manage the ever-changing, task-oriented flow of daily task management within a team…

Manage Tasks Right in Your Browser

Bobbin’s software app is built through a “bottom-up” approach instead of “top-down,” designed for teams and not whole companies.

Every to-do item maps directly to a workspace, assigned a subject (topic) and goal (activity), allowing for proper context switching that minimzies interruptions.

Bobbin’s workspaces helps teams manage their resources without complex processes associated with project management. It will help you to handle tactical, “on-the-fly” task-based challenges of worklife or even just personally when planning a vacation, automatically, without getting consumed by an unnecessarily overall, more strategic outlook.

Save Time and Energy

There are 3 modes of work, and you are always performing one of these:

  • Working on something
  • Transitioning to work on something else
  • Gathering resources to work on something

Therefore, Bobbin uses only 3 views (Workspace, Browse and Gather) that each corresponds with each possibility. This provides a visual, intuitive way to get things done, with minimal transition, through smart navigation that will save you time and energy.

Help From the Experts

The Bobbin team has already built a successful business for digital workspace design, building intranets for enterprise-level clients, and encountering these issues through our everyday work.

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