Bobbin’s Zero-Administration Promise

Zero Admin Promise

Life is short, so Bobbin doesn’t want you to spend your time managing information.

Because Bobbin is not yet-another library tool, there are no folder hierarchies to manage, no manual organizing steps, and no labeling systems to devise and apply.

This means you can be free to work naturally, leaving Bobbin to clean up and organize information for you. Just focus on what needs to be done, add links to the information you need, and mark things complete as you go.

In the background, Bobbin will:

  • keep track so you can easily return to what you were doing
  • prioritize tasks by due date
  • get completed tasks out of your way
  • automatically find related workspaces
  • let you instantly search for workspaces and links

With Bobbin, not wasting time organizing is in your future. It’s a change we think you’ll like.