About us

Since 2005, we’ve helped thousands of companies share information to get work done.

Share workspaces with anyone

Through internet-based software products and visual and information design services, we’ve simplified and scaled the finding, sharing, and consumption of information. Our clients have ranged from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500 enterprises and span virtually every industry.

After all those years, we’ve come to realize one very important lesson:

Organizing information to meet everyone’s needs is impossible.

Why? Three reasons:

Everything changes constantly.

Everything changes constantly.

New situations arise, teams change, and goals shift on almost a daily basis. So whatever you design today likely won’t meet your needs tomorrow.

Information lives everywhere.

Information lives everywhere.

The information you need probably comes from multiple sources, such as Google Drive, Box, Slack, Trello, DocuSign, Jira, and so on. The average mid-sized company stores information in more than 100 places. Add to that the publicly available information on the internet.

Organizing is painful.

Organizing is painful.

Grouping, tagging, sharing, and cleaning up takes time. And since every system is different, there are steep learning curves for everyone involved.

A completely new approach is needed.

That's why we created Bobbin.

Bobbin uses workspaces to support whatever you're doing. You can pin information to workspaces from anywhere. You can search across everything, and share workspaces with anyone.

Bobbin's smart navigation eliminates painful organizing efforts, and even cleans up after you.

Best of all, Bobbin is easy to use. It's simple, super fast, and secure. And there's no tedious data migration to get started.

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