Gather & share resources to get things done.

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Always have the resources you need for whatever you’re working on

Bobbin workspaces hold exactly what you need for every task. Stop re-finding the same links, or drowning in too much information.

One place where you can find everything

Bobbin is your home screen to access any system, app, or the internet. No more wasting time wondering where to look, or managing bookmarks.

Confidently close your browser tabs

Bobbin keeps track of your hard-found information and why you want it, eliminating the need to manage countless browser tabs.

Instantly find information whenever you switch gears

Change Bobbin workspaces as rapidly as you bounce between tasks, and effortlessly drop into the right set of resources for the next thing.

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Share resources with all your teams

When you switch tasks, your team can change, too. Bobbin saves and shares the right resources with the right people, with the right permissions, for quick and easy online collaboration.

Gather resources naturally as you work

Use Bobbin’s browser extensions to easily gather resources while you surf, and pin them to the right workspaces at your convenience.

Leave resources where they are

With Bobbin, your information stays where it is. No migration headaches, and your existing security protections remain in place.

Always have exactly what you need for whatever your team is working on.
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